Is Inspiran Studios an Agency?

Inspiran Studios is not an agency, Inspiran Studios is made up of three major departments one of which is a professional Branding/Marketing company for all entertainment industry Professionals. We work closely with Artist such as but not limited to; Actors, Models, Dancers, Singers, etc. To help create a brand that will boost their booking potential.  

We also help industry professionals such as but not limited to; Agency's, Casting Directors, Directors, Producers, Cinematographers, Writers, Composers, etc. To create better marketing campaigns for their projects and to help their talent understand the importance of Branding & Marketing. 

What is Inspiran Studios?

Inspiran Studios is the first of it's kind, it is made up of 3 major departments:

Department one: Inspiran Studios Marketing Development and consulting department (Also Known As: M.D.C. Services) for Talent and Industry professionals: In this department you will find Products and services for Actors, Models, Singers, Dancers, Industry Professionals, and Cinematography + Production services.    

Department Two: Inspiran Entertainment: In this department of Inspiran Studios we develop: Major Motion Pictures, TV Shows, Web Shows, Animation, Music, Live Theater shows, and live event entertainment. 

Department Tree: Inspiran Distribution & Publishing department: In this department of Inspiran Studios you will find inspiran Distributing and publishing Motion Pictures, TV Shows, Web Shows, Music, Live Theater shows, books, albums all around the globe. 

Where does the word Inspiran come from?

The word "inspiran" is spanish for Inspire, When said in English it is pronounced In-Spr-on. When looking for the right name for the company we went through hundreds and hundreds of options. We wanted something that would stand on its own and could bring joy when said. Inspiran gives us the feeling of power and ambition and it will continue to inspirer for centuries to come.