Brianna Detwiler

On December 2016 Brianna D. Contacted Inspiran Studios wanting to know what we could do to help her get started in the Modeling industry. With no experience and failed attempts she decided to work with us and scheduled her appointment to Create a Brand for herself with Inspiran Studios.

After long hours of working with Inspiran Studios Brianna learned the 5 elements of modeling and about branding and marketing. Brianna had one last request, Seeing that she had little to no experience she found it difficult to find an agency that would want to represent her. 

After long hours of searching for the right agent to send her to we finally found an agency to take her in. Today she is Represented by Neal Hamil Agency and is currently working as a professional Model & Talent.

 "I will recommend this studio to anyone wanting to

start a career in modeling or acting. They are really professional and know the industry

really well. I am looking forward to working with you all again!" - Brianna Detwiler